A weekend cultural extravaganza!

Boy have I had a fun weekend -  On Friday I had the 2nd of my new Yoga classes.  Yes, yes, I know, me exercising, just doesn't seem right does it!  But yes! I am now attending a twice a week morning yoga class.   

In the evening there was a meeting at a local bookstore that sells English language books.  The bookstore also sells Spanish language books, and artisania, mainly from Oaxaca.

The current owner wants out, and the couple that are buying want to create a sort of Cultural Center, geared towards a predominantly English speaking customer base.  So we had a meeting; introductions were made, ideas outlined, and then we broke in to focus groups to outline some ideas and wishlist items.  There were groups for Book Club, Music, WorkShops, Lecture Series, I think, I could be wrong; I went with the Workshop Group.  We came up with quite a list, should be interesting to see what transpires.

Tom had a poker game that night and was using the car so I was on my own.  After the meeting I was strolling along and saw a dress I liked in a small shop and stopped in.  I did end up buying the dress, and found out the sales lady is a neighbor; she said she lives in La Ermita and mentioned a street not 5 blocks south of me.  Small World!

I then continued strolling and spotted several friends at a small streetside cafe, 'Vida Catrina', They invited me to join them and we visited for a while.  They had ordered food and it was really well presented, and according to the group the food was all good.

I continued my strolling and ended up in Paisaje de Revolucion, which is a breezeway of sorts between the cathedral and the Macay Museum.  This breezeway has just recently undergone some remodeling and now has a covered translucent open end roof.  Here I stumbled upon the tail end of a dance performance by a contemporary Cuban Dance Troup. They are here performing as a part of the Festival of the City, a month long cornucopia of cultural events.  I really enjoyed the dancing.  Here is the dance troupe info -
Compañía de Cuba de Danza Contemporánea ENDEDAN´S

So by now it's getting on to 11PM and I head home.  Yes, I walked most of the way, I did catch a bus at 67 x 62 y 64.  And yes I felt completely safe and comfortable.

Then on Saturday, there were a variety of everyday detail kinds of things, sweep the floor, load of laundry, grocery store, pay CFE (electric), blah, blah, blah.  And  again, Tom was using the car so I was on foot.  I should have taken a regular taxi home from the grocery, I normally get a trici-taxi but as I was walking out the store doors I saw all of them pulling off, drat and damnation.  I really did have too much stuff, and now my shoulders and elbows are a bit sore!

Tom ended up getting home a bit later than I had anticipated and one thing led to another and by the time we realized it it was 7pm.  I told him about the Dance Troup and since they were only playing the 2 nights.  He decided he wanted to see them so we walked up to Amaro for dinner. Amaro is one of our favorite places, the food is consistently good, Tom loves their margaritas, and I am a sucker for their sangria.  They have a great variety of vegetarian dishes, but they also serve beef, pork, chicken, fish, and seafood as well, a little something for everyone. Seating is mainly al fresco in the large courtyard of this converted colonial style mansion which also happens to be the birthplace of Andres Quintana Roo; AND starting anywhere between 8 and 10PM they have musicians. This particular Saturday was a guitarrist,/singer named Tony.  He's really quite good, plays lots of traditional and contemporary Trova music, romantic ballads, etc.  It was a shame to leave him but we had to get to the dance performance.

OKAY, so off we head after dinner towards the paisaje and we stroll past and great several friends, always fun! 

So here are some photos of the dancers, they were performing, among other things, a contemporary adaptation of La Carmen.

 I REALLY hate seeing the porta-potties as the background, 
and I thought the jumbo screen was a bit distracting

oye, this guy could fly, he was very talented!

OKAY, so after the dancers we, yes tonight it was Tom and I, walked to the bus stop and took the bus home together.

So Sunday I have a ticket for the symphony, and Tom has a seat reserved at a friends for football.

Our internet was down most of the morning so I couldn't get to an email for the phone number to call Trish who had my ticket - so luckily she lives only about 3 1/2 blocks away.  I walk up, get my ticket, accept the offer of a ride, as yes, you guessed it, Tom is using the car again.  Although he did offer to walk and give me the car today!

Anyway,  the symphony today was FABULOUS!    This link will take you to todays program
Tchaikovsky, Shostakovich, Prokofiev, and Strauss.  Fabulous! 

How can you not enjoy being in this building, it is beautiful!

So after the concert I start walking about a bit and run in to friends Jorge and Joanna and we decide to go for some lunch, or first choice was packed so decided to try the Vida Catrina, none of us had been.

This is one of the entries, not very fetching is it!

but look what you see when you get inside!
el mariachi loco!  or are they los mariachis locos?

tamarind chicken,   deelish!

 chile stuffed with picadillo and queso de bolo

and Jorge's Special Order, fettuccine with shrimp in garlic wine sauce.

all super tasty, and wine is 2 for 1 at lunch, SCORE!!!!
We each liked our food and I think we'll each go back again sometime!

OK, now I'm feeling fine, I have had lunch with 2 of my favorite people, and I've had 2 glasses of wine!  and I am back on the street.  I take a shortcut through the park and what do I find, a performance by a singer named Beatriz, who has an amazing voice by the way!

And I stop in at a pharmacy and pick up my prescription for the antibiotics for my tooth infection which I still have done nothing about scheduling for the tooth repair.

And then I make my way back to my trusty bus stop.  From my house to the plaza grande, or Plaza de la Independencia is about 18 blocks, to get to the bus stop that comes in to my neighborhood you must walk to within 8 blocks, silly eh.  But that short ride sure helps out on the way home!

So here I sit, Tom is still at football, dogs are fed, birds are in, I've made a followup appointment about the irrigation system and sod I want installed, It's been a very good day! Maybe I'll go watch a movie!

Yes, it's been a very good day!


  1. sounds like a fabulous weekend! now you get that tooth taken care of before it gets any worse.

    have a great week!


    1. yes, I know, I really do need to get this tooth issue done. It's on my To Do list! Really!

  2. Wow - your culture club dance card was filled - Nice photos - thanks.

    1. It really was wasn't it! There are always things happening, but the variety really increases during this Festival!

      Glad you enjoyed!

  3. If you keep telling stories like this, everyone's going to want to live there!

  4. Yeah, it's a double edged sword isn't it - we are supposed to be ambassadors, promoters, dispellers of the mis-information but heck, I'm not sure I want everyone knowing how fabulous it is.

    So, shhhhhhh, let's keep this just between us!

  5. Hey, Debi...I just realized this was your blog!! Nice!! When I saw you had completed your 2nd yoga class on Friday, I said "Me too!" Then I figured out it was you!! We also did a few of the same activities this weekend...We also went to Noche Mexicana and to see th Merida Big Band...They are awesome!! See you Wednesday!!

  6. This is one of my faorite things about Merida...we can stroll around the city and find one adventure after another. There are so many things to do and see here we could never get them all in!

  7. Based on your review, Paul and I stopped in on Saturday. I ordered the fettucine verde with shrimp, but mine had crema instead of garlic/oil. I probably would have preferred the garlic and oil, but I didn't think to ask. Still, it was delicious! Paul's chile relleno was good as well. They had an amazing special on hard liquor, but I opted for the wine and was not disappointed.

    Thank you for leading us here; we definitely would have passed it by otherwise.

    1. Sorry Lee, Jorge's pasta was a 'Special' order. The actual dish was with creme sauce, but like me he is lactose intolerant, so ordered it switched up a bit.

      So glad you enjoyed it. Joanna and I had a lovely white wine, a pinot grigio I believe.

  8. My friend sent me your link. One day I might have to look you up when I visit as I envision living somewhere in Mexico/Central American.